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About Dr. Masi

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Past News



  EAPA National Conference
in Los Angeles October 2017





  Dr. Masi With Dr. Frey and Dr. Sharar
AT Annual EAPA Conference 2017


Dr. Dale Masi with Dr. Jodi Frey and Dr. David Sharar presenting on the History Project at the EAPA Conference 2017.


  DR. MASI At Wayside Youth & Family support services in Framingham, MA  



  Dr. Masi receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from EAPA.  








  DR. MASI With Dr. Paul Maiden At EASNA  


Dr. Paul Maiden, Vice Dean and Professor at the School of Social Work at the University of Southern California received the EASNA Distinguished Service Award as the Editor of the Journal on Workplace Behavioral Health.

Dr. Masi with Dr. Paul Maiden at EASNA.



Upcoming Presentations/Speeches


  1. National Association of Social Workers Massachusetts Chapter, 13th Biannual Social Work Symposium April 5th
    Topic: Future Directions of EAPS
  2. National Association of Social Work Biannual Conference July 23rd in Washington D.C.
    Topic: The Business of Social Work: Using Social Work Expertise to Successfully Implement a Changing World.
  3. American Occupational Health Professionals National Conference September 10th 2014 in New Orleans
    Topic: Management of an Effective Occupational Health/Wellness Program


Dr. Masi Presents webinar, November 18, 2015: Marijuana in the Workplace


Dr. Dale Masi presented a live video webinar on November 18, 2015 to the Virginia EAPA chapter. The title of the presentation was Marijuana in the Workplace. The presentation focused on the legal implications for the workplace and the need for education of employees and supervisors. A sample ten-point policy for Marijuana in the Workplace was also presented.



The University of Maryland School of Social Work’s Office of Continuing Professional Education is proud to offer the

International Online
EAP Certificate Program




Two courses...

1. EAPs in the New Millennium

This course describes the Essential Ingredients of an EAP as well as a review of the Core Technology. It also covers legal and ethical questions in EAPs.


2. Optional EAP Services

This course presents the various programs that EAPs may provide. For example all the Worklife offerings are covered as well as CISMs, Substance Abuse Programs, Video counseling and other technology applications as well.

$275 each - $500 for both

24 PDH's toward the CEAP and 24 Social Work CEU's for each course

First Course: April 1 - 29, 2016

Second Course: May 2 - 31, 2016

Both Courses Taught by
Professor Dale Masi


or Contact to Register.

Contact Dale Masi at with Questions.

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At The Employee Assistance Professional Association’s 2012 Annual World EAP Conference

Baltimore, Maryland - October 20, 2012


presented to Dale A. Masi, CEAP

In recognition of your lifetime of outstanding service and contributions to EAPA and the profession of employee assistance.

EAPA’s 2012 Annual World EAP Conference
Baltimore, Maryland • October 20, 2012"



Dr. Dale Masi

Dr. Dale Masi at the EAPA’s 2012 Annual World EAP Conference.


EAP CompendiumNOW AVAILABLE! 4th International EAP Compendium

The essential international EAP resource Edited by Dr. Dale Masi, Professor Emeritus from the University of Maryland and President/CEO of Masi Research Consultants, Inc.; and Carl Tisone, Chief Executive, PPC Worldwide.

This edition features over 55 authors and 50 countries (every continent except Antarctica!)

New topics and countries added Specific information on EAPs related to each country:

  • Status and history of EAPs
  • Laws affecting EAPs
  • Relevant information on work life, health promotion, legal and financial services, and CISMs
  • Contacts & resources (names, telephones, emails, & more)


Specific information on EAPs in individual countries is featured, including status and history of EAPs, laws affecting the EAPs, and pertinent information on work/life, health promotion, and legal and financial services.

The Compendium also includes valuable contact and resource information (names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers) for professionals and EAP organizations worldwide.

The 4th International EAP Compendium is the only resource available with this amount of history and information about the worldwide EAP profession. It is essential for EAP professionals in an interdependent world.

To Order: 4th International EAP Compendium

Via Wire Transfer:   Contact Masi Research at
Via Check:  

The cost is $80 + shipping
($10 USA and $30 outside the USA)

Checks should be made out to Dale Masi and sent to:
Dr. Dale Masi
100 Belvidere Street, Suite 4B
Boston, MA 02199

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Japanese BookMasi Co-Authors Book in Japanese

Dr. Dale Masi has co-authored a new Japanese-language book on Employee Assistance Programs. The book is co-authored with Dr. Koji Mori and Dr. Takashi Maruyama, two faculty members from the University of Occupational and Environmental Health in Japan, and Dr. Kaoru Ichikawa. Based on Dr. Masi’s seminal work Designing Employee Assistance Programs.

For more information, please contact Kaoru Ichikawa at:

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Catholic University Alumna of the Year Award


Masi Named Alumna of the Year at Catholic University

On October 22nd, Dr. Masi received the 2011 Alumni Achievement Recognition Award from The National Catholic School of Social Service at Catholic University. The award “celebrates and recognizes her dedication and tireless commitment to excellence in the delivery of employee assistance programs and services throughout the United States and around the globe.”


MIHMEP at Bocconi University


10th Anniversary of the MIHMEP at Bocconi University

Dr. Masi recently joined the University to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their MIHMEP (Masters in International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy) program. Since the beginning of the program, 300 students from 66 different countries worldwide have received a degree.

Festivities included an all day program with speakers from W.H.O. and Geneva Global with a reception and dinner in the evening. Bocconi University was rated one of the ten best business schools by the New York Times. They are one of the only International Universities that offer their Master programs in English.

The program runs every year from September to May, with a required summer internship. MASI Research is proud to support Bocconi University in placing students looking to come to the United States in a diverse range of internships. So far we have placed students with the FDA, Veteran’s Administration, Futures, Beth Israel Hospital, and many more.

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“Dear Dale,
The training was a wonderful success! I got feedback from a number of participants who found the training content highly accessible and valuable to their current roles. Thank you again for sharing your EAP expertise and experiences so generously. ”

- Warm regards,


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